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Turn Time Into a ‘How’ With the Time Flow Method [Audio + Infographic]

Turn Time Into a 'How' With the Time Flow Method [Audio + Infographic]

Time is all in your head. All of it. In your head. Not even Einstein might definitively put an finish to the debate: What’s time? So except for a tangent on the space-time continuum and the enigma of quantum entanglement (ooh, it’s a doozy), let’s get proper to it, with a 21st century mind-set about time administration. (And if it doesn’t all make good sense the first time, give it a second learn whereas imagining narration by Neil deGrasse Tyson or Morgan Freeman. Works each time.)

The key to time administration: Time is relative

To get a higher grasp on time administration, you’ll be able to start by pushing your considering past the widespread view that point is linear or absolute. As a result of it’s neither. Whereas one second can stand nonetheless for one individual, it could fly for an additional; and whereas we’d expertise moments in the quick current as occurring in a linear order, our ideas can quickly bounce forwards and backwards, previous and future, in a nonlinear style. So in its most intimate relation to human expertise, time is simply our relative notion of change, of prospects which have occurred or that would happen from our viewpoint.

And what’s key to recollect is that change — any change — can solely occur by means of a conduct of some sort, whether or not on the nano scale of atomic interactions or the macro scale of the nice animal migrations, and even in the swirl of the Milky Method galaxy. But regardless of how huge or small, the essence of all actions boils right down to a easy equation: Time + Conduct = Change.

So time administration — the course of by way of which we order our actions — is actually conduct administration. It’s not nearly placing actions on lists and calendars. It’s about understanding the behaviors behind these actions as they relate to time.

Time plus behavior equals change. Basic principle for understanding time management.Time administration — the course of via which we order our actions — is absolutely conduct administration.

Nonetheless with me? Good. If you wish to unlock a totally different strategy to managing your time, whether or not personally or in an organizational setting, you’ll be able to consider time as one thing past when (clock time), what (a useful resource), or the place (a vacation spot). You’ll be able to consider time in the phrases of how, as a conduct or a technique of journey. How are you interacting with the stream of time itself? What behaviors in your relationship with time are affecting change and risk?

Though there are numerous instruments to trace, document, and plan the minutia of time, when you can absolutely join together with your primal relationships with time, you’ll discover it simpler to concentrate on the holistic massive image. To take action, you must arrange your ideas, actions, and objectives into the 5 primal flows (i.e., elementary behaviors) all of us use each day to handle the summary of time and create change (motion) in our lives. And they’re:

  • Spontaneous – What can I do now?
  • Reactive – What should or ought to I do?
  • Cyclical – What do I do many times?
  • Proactive – What can I plan to do?
  • Envisioned – What can I finally obtain?

In future posts, I’ll go in depth on content material methods for every conduct and the way they match into larger organizational planning and objectives (with out an excessive amount of extra on the theoretical physics of time). For now, right here’s a primer that will help you rethink time as a how — and that will help you acknowledge the strategies for touring inside it. It’s a technique I’ve referred to as the Time Flow Method.

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turning time into how infographic

Utilizing the Time Flow Method: The 5 Flows of Time Administration

In the paradigm of the time-flow technique, the flows vary so as of immediacy from spontaneous (the most instant) to envisioned (the final or least instant).


What can I do now?

As our most fast interplay with time, the spontaneous move requires no stimuli or pressure to react to. Our spontaneous behaviors may cause change to occur simply because we will at the second. It’s our most free and unbiased relationship with time, the movement we now have the most management over.

On a private degree… The spontaneous stream typically includes unplanned actions that don’t essentially think about potential outcomes or penalties.

On an organizational degree… The spontaneous move typically includes innovation, brainstorming, and a concentrate on creativity not constrained by normal operations.

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What should or ought to I do?

Maybe our most difficult interplay with time, the reactive move all the time requires a response. Our reactive behaviors trigger change to occur as a result of we’ve to or as a result of we’re compelled to by exterior or inner forces. It’s our most entangled relationship with time, the movement we’ve the least management over.

On a person  degree… The reactive move typically includes responding to an exterior occasion, whether or not anticipated or sudden, or to an inner want that have to be glad.

On an organizational degree… The reactive stream typically includes contingencies for sudden occasions and preparedness for occasions which are anticipated to occur inevitably however can’t be prevented.

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What do I do repeatedly?

Arguably our most snug interplay with time, the cyclical circulate all the time governs repetition and patterns. Our cyclical behaviors may cause change to repeat, whether or not in an similar style or in progressive iterations. It’s our most dependable relationship with time, the stream we will management with a nice deal of certainty and predictability.

On a person  degree… The cyclical circulate typically includes your routines and circadian rhythms, in addition to your consideration to recurring patterns of conduct and stimuli.

On an organizational degree… The cyclical movement typically includes routines, processes, and efficiencies, in addition to an consideration to suggestions and iterative improvement.

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What can I plan to do?

Undoubtedly our most pragmatic interplay with time, the proactive movement encompasses the realm of attainable short-term objectives. Our proactive behaviors trigger change to occur by way of deliberate actions that result in accomplishments or future occasions. It’s our most empowering relationship with time, the move we now have the most management over in affecting our close to future.

On a person degree… The proactive circulate typically includes voluntary tasks or plans for the close to future, people who stand alone or construct towards an envisioned objective.

On an organizational degree… The proactive stream typically includes short-term tasks, together with unbiased endeavors or people who could be a part of larger, envisioned objectives.

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What can I finally obtain?

Definitely our most elusive interplay with time, the envisioned stream carries our goals and long-term objectives ahead. Our envisioned behaviors trigger change to occur by directing actions inside all the different flows towards a larger achievement or state of being. It’s our most hopeful and passionate relationship with time, the movement we’d wrestle the most to regulate and actualize.

On a person degree… The envisioned stream includes fulfilling your higher function, which means, and happiness in life.

On an organizational degree… The envisioned movement includes fulfilling a corporation’s larger mission, imaginative and prescient, and long-term achievements.

The fifth movement of time is #envisioned. Our envisioned behaviors may cause change to occur *by directing all the different flows of time towards a higher achievement or state of being.* #timemanagement #future #calendar #planning #meta Click on To Tweet


turning time into how infographic

Organizational instance of the 5 flows in time administration 

With out a doubt, certainly one of the leaders in time administration is The Walt Disney Firm. So what higher instance to discover the 5 flows than the tentative 2019 launch of Star Wars Land at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.? Whereas many shops may report on numerous Star Wars Land timelines that give hints at some associated occasions deliberate in the future, the complete quantity of planning behind the envisioned undertaking is ginormous. Right here is simply a small smattering of hypothetical examples inside the 5 flows:


Rework the ‘Star Wars’ universe into an immersive land at Disneyland. Innovate new rides, check new applied sciences, and check out new processes to make visitors expertise ‘Star Wars’ in the most pleasant, memorable methods.

Content material prospects: Create collectible ‘Star Wars’-themed annual passes which have chips to activate unique content material on particular screens in journey queues, or to unlock unique, custom-made on-line app content material by way of secret “hidden Mickey” in-park sensors. Sync custom-made content material with social apps.


Supply unique preview days of Star Wars Land to annual cross holders, not solely to encourage cross gross sales and promote early buzz however to react to the calls for of avid followers and work out potential fixes or sudden contingencies earlier than absolutely opening Star Wars Land to the public.

Content material prospects: With a view to dilute crowd densities, arrange strategically positioned selfie-stations the place followers can plant themselves in ‘Star Wars’ scenes (whether or not bodily or digitally green-screened) and socially promote them. Put together for the overwhelming demand of followers by creating a collection of digital content material experiences that followers can expertise of the park with out bodily being in the park.


Devise every day occasions in Star Wars Land and all through Disneyland timed to mitigate crowd densities throughout peak occasions. Align recurring digital experiences that friends can take part in whereas ready in the anticipated lengthy strains at Star Wars Land. Particular notice: Disney has created new theme parks and lands so many occasions, you might contemplate a lot of their planning to be cyclical on a grand scale.

Content material prospects: Devise every day Instagram contests for visitors in Star Wars Land. Make use of ride-specific interactive content material for cellular units, akin to ‘Star Wars’ trivia quizzes, that followers can take part whereas in line with a purpose to win prizes redeemable in the gift-shop exit.


Orchestrate the development of an built-in assortment of ‘Star Wars’-themed rides and associated leisure, retail, and meals points of interest. Collaborate with a number of divisions to align imagineering, advertising, and all areas of achievement.

Content material prospects: Align the launch of a new ‘Star Wars’ animated collection or recreation with the launch of the new land, or host a particular preview — only for Star Wars Land friends — of the subsequent movie in the ‘Star Wars’ universe.


Open Star Wars Land to large fanfare, proceed the imaginative and prescient of Disneyland as “the happiest place on earth,” and additional Walt Disney’s private dream: “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.”

Content material prospects: Produce a tv particular for the grand opening that weaves the imagineering of Star Wars Land and the evolution of the ‘Star Wars’ saga into a once-in-a-lifetime Disney celebration, with stars, followers, imagineers, stay interactions and, in fact, fireworks.

Particular person instance of the 5 flows in time administration

Shopping for a residence may look like a single occasion, however, as any home-owner can attest, it may be a grueling course of. The precise conquest of residence possession, like many main life occasions, can spin our minds into critical time-flow overdrive. Anticipating and managing how the shopping for course of will have an effect on your time and behaviors may help a lot in decreasing the large stress concerned. It’s a nice real-life instance to discover time administration, with a variety of potential examples inside the 5 flows:


Though shopping for a house is never ever spontaneous, when you’ve determined to develop into a home-owner, oh, the choice can set off a flurry of spontaneous behaviors: exploring new neighborhoods simply on a whim, shopping for new furnishings or decor even earlier than you’re in escrow, having extra spur-of-the-moment plans with family and friends you could be leaving, et al. Typically the spontaneous movement serves as a much-needed stress-reliever throughout the home-buying course of.


Qualifying for a residence mortgage can unload a vicious reactive burden onto anybody, with the scrutiny of your banking data, investments, incomes, credit score historical past, expenditures, taxes, and so on. Studying your mortgage approval quantity can dramatically alter the dream residence or neighborhood you take into consideration. Going by means of the home hunt, negotiations and escrow can also add numerous prospects for sudden contingencies. The reactive move may be intense, however getting ready for it could prevent time, cash and aggravation.


Though saving cash for a down cost is the most blatant cyclical conduct, others embrace repeatedly scanning MLS listings to seek out the proper house or having a guidelines to assessment when viewing a potential residence. The cyclical stream additionally channels a lot of your envisioned circulate in regard to your way of life in your new house: how lengthy will your commute be, how lengthy will it take to go to family and friends from the new location, how typically will sure maintenance be wanted on the house, what is going to your month-to-month mortgage cost and payments be, et al.


Whether or not you’re shifting for a new job, shopping for a first residence to boost a household, downsizing for retirement, or simply investing, the choice to purchase a house is one in every of the largest proactive endeavors in a single’s life — a determination to actually transfer your life ahead. Your proactive behaviors kick into excessive gear to make it occur: discovering a good Realtor, researching neighborhoods or faculty districts, contemplating an present residence or new development, studying native customized or language (in case you’re shifting afar), taking house-hunting journeys, organizing packing and movers, and so on.


Of all the primal flows, the envisioned move is the just one that doesn’t concentrate on shopping for a “house”: It focuses on discovering a “home.” The place do you see your self dwelling tomorrow or later down the street? Will it’s your dream house or simply one other step on the property ladder of life? Will it’s your comfortable place? How do you envision dwelling your life there? All of those questions, and extra, direct all of your different actions in the course of.

Infographic: Mastering Time Administration

In the future we’ll discover every of the 5 primal flows of time in depth as they relate to content material technique, creation and distribution. Nevertheless, you may discover this infographic useful in higher visualizing the ideas so you’ll be able to apply them to your private or organizational time administration.

The 5 Primal Flows of Time: Mastering Time Management. (C) 2017 ClearVoice. All rights reserved.

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