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Is Your Freelance Business Website Outdated? How to Fix It

Having a dot-com isn’t simply fashionable, it’s obligatory if you need to set your self apart in an ever-competitive freelance business.

As the CEO of NVS Design, Chad Brittian shares, creating an internet presence starts with a digital portfolio for any kind of artistic — particularly writers. Showcasing your most impressive work and people bylines you’re super pleased with makes you more desirable as a author to potential editors or shoppers. With out having a strong URL that’s yours, it is robust to compete towards wordsmiths who have invested their time and power into their model. Though Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media networking sites are necessary to concentrate to as nicely, and not using a web site or freelance portfolio, you don’t have an area to tell your story how you need it to be informed.

You could be considering, “Well I have a website, it’s just not great.” Or is it okay? Meh — it type of does the job? If your website doesn’t have a wow factor and it isn’t one thing you’re excited to exhibit, why would somebody hire you? Or why would an editor get bored searching your clips? Aside from dealing with taxes or assembly deadlines for assignments you have already got, investing in your portfolio is crucial. In reality, it might make or break your freelance empire.

Contemplating Brittian hires freelancers of all types commonly, he solely has a scorching second to determine between employed or passed-over. “We deal with tight deadlines. So we need to be able and access the candidates work to know the full spectrum of what they are capable of doing, which can turn into more work long-term and even potentially being considered for a more permanent position,” he explains.

So how have you learnt in case your freelance business web site is up to par? Right here, specialists share the signs you’re in need of an replace and how to get started ASAP:

1. Your website isn’t practical throughout all platforms.

Though websites used to be all about music, flashy videos and an expertise (taking a look at you, MySpace), today, it’s higher to have a classy, easy-to-navigate destination that’s engaging but not too over the top.

More often than not, users get annoyed with sites which might be inundated with animation and flash, Brittian explains, especially since they’re wonky off of desktop. “Most Americans now have smartphones in addition to tablets of their own. Many elementary and middle schools are now investing in these technological changes. We are a society that wants everything now and it’s only getting worse and younger,” he continues. “We want it efficient and to be visually appealing. That’s a lot to ask, but more than ever businesses are having to compete for that business.”

Although it could be a tall order, if a shopper arrives to your website, solely to be met with damaged links, unusual pop-ups or a design that falls off the web page or hides a button, it’s doubtless they’ll bounce proper off and head to one other applicant.

The repair: Decide the correct template.

Artistic director and developer Scott Frankum says the aim is an unique, highly differentiated web site, however getting there’s a activity. Everyone takes a unique path to make their website interesting and user-friendly, however most significantly, Frankum says investing in a top quality designer and buying high quality pictures can go a great distance. You’re the writer, so you possibly can deal with the copy — however if you would like a second pair of eyes, don’t be shy to ask a pal. Typically a custom-made website is the most effective answer, but different occasions, a template can make it easier.

“You’ll spend less money overall and have more confidence in road-tested templates that already build-in the most recent features, like a MegaMenu and beautiful calls-to-action. Some are even supported with template updates that let you get another year or two out of your site before standards change so much that you’ll need a replacement site,” Frankum explains.

Additionally think about creating an external portfolio, like a free CV Portfolio, to combination your greatest work and expertise highlights for potential shoppers — which you can easily update and hyperlink to without redoing the code on your own website.

2. Your providers aren’t clear.

So, you’re a journalist. Additionally a content strategist. You’re schooled in search engine optimization greatest practices. Not to mention you’re a ghostwriter — and weblog manager. Principally your job is, properly, phrases. Does your website articulate your vast variety of expertise? And choices?

Brittian says typically portfolios don’t display a freelancer’s providers effectively. If it isn’t a no-brainer to immediately know what you’re about and what you can do, he says a possible shopper gained’t be doubtless to hire you. Principally because they’re confused on what you possibly can provide, what you excel at, and who you’ll be able to work together. Briefly, your providers must be your five-second elevator pitch. If it isn’t simple, they’re onto the subsequent.

The repair: Understand your target shopper.

Earlier than you begin shifting packing containers round, rewriting copy and rethinking every thing, take a pause. The important thing to a providers page that turns into revenue is understanding your main target, according to Brittian. If you understand what business, what sector or what sort of content material you’re jazzed to produce, you possibly can better set your self up for fulfillment towards the competition by creating your niche.

“Know what your demographic sees as valuable. It is likely completely different from when you designed your existing website. Be willing to take a chance and do something different,” he continues. “You have a lot more to compete against in today’s business world and that is not going to change — it’s only going to continue to grow.”

Update your freelance business website so it doesn't look stale

three. You haven’t up to date your website’s look… in years. If ever.

You constructed it once — and thought it might maintain itself. Or, you hired someone who dealt with your web site but you haven’t truly given it a re-assessment in years. Director of Strategy and Improvement for Victory PR, Katie Bourke has an 11-year profession in web site creation and design, and says an idle dot-com isn’t helpful for any freelancer or entrepreneur.

“You should always keep your site fresh with updated content so people know your company is active and thriving,” she explains. “A facelift should happen anywhere from six months to two years. If you have a website where the users come back on a regular basis it’s good to stay on brand but keep the visuals fresh.”

Take into consideration your clips — the ones which might be most recent are most trusted by editors. Even when you love that print byline from four years ago, your digital clip from a well known publication might be more spectacular and timely.

The fix: Ask for suggestions to inform updates.

You want your website to characterize who you’re right now, which might be robust to do without an outdoor perspective. “Ask your clients and friends for feedback. Do they like they site? Are they using your site? If you have little engagement online or people aren’t contacting you through your website, it’s time to talk to a website professional about a website facelift,” Bourke suggests.

There are some duties you can do on your own though by establishing a daily schedule for updates. This could possibly be as simple as a one-hour block once a month where you verify links, update with anything revealed lately that wants to be added and a quick read-over. In the event you do have a weblog as a part of your writing profession, provide you with a cadence you’ll be able to keep to construct belief in your readership. Whether or not it’s as soon as every week or 3 times a month, it’s necessary on your brand — and your website’s ranking.

four. You haven’t considered search engine marketing.

(Not so) fun reality: Google suppresses new web sites for the primary three months. And if in case you have anything that the search engine would find questionable, it pushes you further down in outcomes. Considering you help a few of your content material technique shoppers rank on key phrases, why wouldn’t you give the same TLC to your personal identify? Frankum says investing on this space and making certain your website is on the best aspect of Google will make it extra doubtless you show up for the alternatives you crave.

The repair: Apply your expertise — or use an app.

Yep, there’s an app for that. Relying on the platform you select in your backend — from WordPress to Squarespace — there are lots of plug-ins, apps or providers that’ll assist you keep relevant. Although it’s also possible to faucet into these web optimization analytic proficiencies you developed if you went freelance, typically letting the magic work on auto-pilot might be enough to hold you up to date.

Frankum’s greatest suggestion is Squarespace over WordPress: “[They] keep the back-end updated to the most recent web standards. Add-on apps and services auto-update to current standards or they get kicked-off the platform,” he explains. “This means you don’t have the WordPress glitch issue of plug-ins updating on different schedules. In this way, the right platform saves resources you can spend places that matter to customers.”

Does your freelance business website have too many pages?

5. You’ve gotten too many pages.

Founder and lead developer at DevelopHERDesigns, Jessica Tatham says although the development used to be “go big or go home” when it comes to design and pages, that’s not the case anymore. Now she explains it’s the other:

“Clients want to see that you are professional — without too many colors or anything distracting from what services you actually provide,” she continues. “Sometimes the best websites are one-pagers that explain exactly what you do as a freelancer, with a diverse and highlighted portfolio.”

This implies when you have a 30-page navigation that leads from right here to there to means over there, you’re going to lose individuals alongside the best way. As Tatham puts it, whenever you go overboard with a listing, a shopper or editor gained’t give you the option to find what they got here to look for within the first place.

The fix: Double-down in your brand.

  • What are you making an attempt to say?
  • And how are you saying it?
  • What makes you totally different?
  • What is the feel and appear that you really want a consumer to affiliate together with your identify?

“When a user visits your website, it’s important that they leave the site, feeling like they actually know you,” Tatham shares. “Part of this can be done through the design of the site, but the best way to show your personality is through the copy.”

And positive, you could be paid to pen for a dwelling — however your personal website copy in all probability wasn’t your prime priority. Contemplate this Tatham’s push to make you’re taking the leap: In case you, like the rest of us, haven’t any time on your arms for this redesign, then take the plunge and hire knowledgeable,” she urges. “Believe me, you won’t regret it.”

Get your freelance portfolio up to snuff: